wertstoff II – mobile portraits and exhibition [to the project]
2017 extendet from 02.02. - 30.04.2017 Twelve portraits of garbage collectors from different nations and their stories - displayed citywide on garbage trucks of AWM from 02. February - 15. April and additionally as exhibition at the entrance hall of Abfallwirtschaftsbetrieb München (AWM) until 30. April. Continuance of the project wertstoff from 2015. A project in collaboration with AWM. Patron: Mayor Dieter Reiter


2017 Technical University Munich, Auditorium Maximum; series of lectures "Introduction into Business Ethics", Peter Löscher Chair of Business Ethics and Global Governance; Contribution: Installations and Buildings

2017 Technical University Munich, Vorhölzer Forum; series of lectures – new materials : low cost building, Faculty of Architecture, Chair of Building Construction and Material Science; Contribution: Experimental Art – Low Cost Architecture

2016 University of Tokyo, Kengo Kuma lab;
"Experimental Art - Low Cost Architecture", UT Lectures 2016 of the Department of Architecture, Graduate school of Engineering, organized by T_ADS Advanced Design Studies and the low cost lab TUM

2016 Munich, "space ship", development of a prototype for an extremely light-weight low cost house under the guidance of Markus Heinsdorff and on basis of his concept. The result ‚space ship’ has been realised and shown in front of the Pinakothek der Moderne. In cooperation with TUM, Chair of Building Construction and Material Science, Prof. Florian Musso. Academic Staff Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Giers, Dipl.-Ing. Lavinia Herzog, Dipl.-Ing. Ursula Schürmann

2016 Darmstadt, "working with Heinsdorff", development of different cardboard and corrugated cardboard structures with a group of students as part of a corresponding seminar. Together with the students, a tower has been realised as contribution to the topic ‘Hermitage’ of Rotterdam’s Kunsteiland Biennale. In collaboration with TU Darmstadt, Fachgebiet Plastisches Gestalten, Prof. Ariel Auslender, Academic Staff, Dipl.-Ing. Fabian Luttropp

2016 Michamvi, Zanzibar, development of water stations together with Prof. Richard Moses Besha, Architeture Department of ARdhi University Deressalam, Tanzania and ZAWA Water Authority Sansibar for 10 students from the fields of engineering and architecture. Excursion to the wind- watertower in Michamvi with explanations about the use of the principle of Arabian cooling towers and architectural possibilities. In collaboration with the International Knowledge Exchange Association


2017 Handbuch und Planungshilfe Flüchtlingsbauten – Architektur der Zuflucht: Von der Notunterkunft zum kostengünstigen Wohnungsbau; contrubution: Bauen mit Müll; 2017 I 312 pages ISBN 978-3-86922-532-6; editors: Lore Mühlbauer und Yasser Shretah, publisher: DOM
Contribution | PDF 

2016 Wohnraum für Alle; contribution: Bauen mit Müll 2016 I 116 pages; editor/publisher: Deutscher Werkbund Bayern e.V.
Contribution | PDF 

Rotor [to the project]
2017/16 Development as open source project and test run prototype IV at the Eisbach, Munich; A water wheel (Darrieus Rotor) with a vertical axis and 3 fixed blades in a mobile, small hydropower plant is rotating through the flow of a river like a turbine and generates electricity. Flowing water can therefore be used to temporarily or permanently generate electricity.

space ship - installation and exhibition [to the project]
2016 Installation in front of the Pinakothek der Moderne, exhibition at the Matriculation Hall of the Technical University Munich; The object installation shows a seven-meter-long and six-meter high lightweight construction project. It allows a wide range of combinations and construction possibilities, also as a DIY kit for mobile, internationally applicable buildings: the object is buoyant. Thus, the art and architecture installation tackles current topics on low-cost buildings, missing living space and solutions both in Germany and abroad. In cooperation with the low cost lab of the Chair of Building Construction and Material Science, Prof. Florian Musso, Technical University Munich. 
Exhibition | PDF

Observatorium [to the project]
2016 Csórompuszta, Ungarn; octagonal, 8,5 m high tower object made from square-cut wood. An extremely open structure with minimal use of material provides the visitor with a 360 degree panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. The platform of 6 m diameter and 25 sqm can be used for exhibitions and research. In cooperation with Hello Wood.

wind- watertower [to the project]
2016 Michamvi, Sansibar, Tansania; Reconstruction of a water station combined with a 10 m high cooling tower as central village object. The 28 sqm former cistern room has been remodelled into a naturally air-conditioned, shaded, and water providing space by using the traditional technique of cooling towers. The debris has been put into 7 gabiones that form“recycling-bench-installation” in front of the tower tower. The water station is a PPP project (Public Private Partnership) of the GIZ.

paperbox [to the project]
2016 Art Biennale Kunsteiland, Hermitage, Rotterdam, Netherlands; House made of recycled corrugated card board (fruit boxes) as self-supportive light weight construction. The 3,6 m high tower forms an upside down cone without ceiling. Diameter is 2,4 m; 480 commercially available fruit boxes have been used. Realised in cooperation with and pre-running workshop at the TU Darmstadt, Fachgebiet Plastisches Gestalten, Prof. Ariel Auslender.